10 Min Abs



This is another good one on it’s own.  I like to have something like this to do after my cardio or HIIT session – 1 last Burnout!  Abs!  Here’s a little instruction (and be kind, I’m still working on this Timer Cam thing):

Plank Punch out: In Plank position, punch out to the side alternating arms IMG_0420


V-ups: Start out on the floor.  Lift up about half a sit up but have your legs come up at the same time.  Hold for 3-count  Image-1

Twisters: With legs slightly raised and bent reach back touching the floor.  Alternate sides. IMG_0409

Side Planks, Right and Left: You can go with 1 knee bent or with feet stacked.   IMG_0423

Bicycles: Just like riding a bike!  Alternate knee to elbow keeping straight leg off ground.   IMG_0424

Sit-up punches: This is a regular sit-up, but pretend you are punching your Ex with each fist when you get to the top.  🙂IMG_0414

Scissor Kicks: Lift legs and cris-cross them over and over.  And over and over.  And over and over.  And over and over…. muhahahahahahahaha! IMG_0422

Cobras: Lay on your belly with your arms like a football goal.  Lift up your chest and legs and hold for 3-count, repeat. IMG_0417

Leg raises: Lift and lower the legs with your abs. IMG_0421


Enjoy this people!!


Like my OUTFIT?????????  This is my first Fabletics outfit.  I love how they fit and how pretty they are.  Especially the capris!  They come up a little higher so there a little less jiggling!  🙂  not that we jiggle.


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