10 Minute Arm Workout

Hi guys!  I wrote this 10 minute arm workout for one of my clean eating challenge groups.  It’s good on it’s own if you are a beginner!  Or you can stack it with 1 or 2 more 10 minute workouts if you feel up to it!12805665_10207802384490694_3882931969093167622_n


Remember, good form is better than heavy weight.  Try it without weight or with very light weight until you learn the moves.  Here’s some demo:

Bicep Curl:  This is just a regular curl.  You’ve got this!  IMG_0449

Tricep Kickbacks: Lunge over one leg.  Draw the weights up, then kick back squeezing the triceps as much as possible


Upright Rows: Stand with feet hip distance apart and soft knees.  Draw the weights up to your chest.  Don’t go too far, you’ll clunk yourself in the chin…not that I’ve EVER done that!  🙂  IMG_0447

Shoulder Press:  Sit on a weight bench with the back at 90 Deg, or in a chair with a straight back.  Have your arms in a field goal, then raise them up keeping your shoulders down.  IMG_0446

Lateral Raises:  Stand with soft knees and weights to the side.  Lift the straight out, being careful not to go above the shoulders.  IMG_0445

Hammer curls: Just like a regular bicep curl, just don’t rotate the weights.  IMG_0444

Bent Over Rows:  Lunge over the opposite leg as you did before.  Draw the weights up with your shoulders.  Try to squeeze your shoulder blades together as hard as you can.  IMG_0443

Front Raises: Just like the lateral raise, but you are lifting the weights directly in front of you.  IMG_0442



Let me know if you have any questions!



  1. Trisha says:

    Love this – it is really similar to the one I have been doing (with excellent results!) I’ll print this and add it to my workout rotation – along with the ab workout. I’m doing that one today! Love your info and pictures!!!

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