True Love

This is just one of the things that keeps me falling more in love with Ben every day.  


When dad died, we found this old hatchet in the basement with all of his things.  Ben chose that as one of the few tools he took.  
If you knew my dad, you knew he saved everything, borderline hoarder.  He always had a plan that he was going to fix it, re-purpose it, or it would “come in handy one day.”  He was part of that WWII generation.
Well, Ben brought this hatchet home when most people would’ve thrown it away.  He took the rotten handle off, Researched how to get the rust off, and got it all cleaned up.  He sharpened it.  He wanted to get a sheath for it.  Instead of going out and buying one. He had the idea to make one from a basketball we couldn’t get to re-inflate.  So he figured out what to do and he made this beautiful sheath.  Well.  I THINK it’s beautiful.  And now this rusty old hatchet from probably the 70’s, is beautiful again.  And it’s not just another creative project by Ben. It is a tool I saw him use my whole life, made beautiful again which he would’ve sworn to do one day, and made safe using recycled materials.  Ben probably has no idea how much it means to me.  But, to me, it is now a tribute to my dad – it encompasses everything about him.


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