One of my Facebook friends post today “Some people feed your soul and bring out the best in you, others are joy suckers…choose to be a feeder.”

I love quotes like this because it kept me thinking all day.

This is just how my mind works: Initially I automatically think about other people. Oh my good friend so-and-so always lifts my spirits. She is definitely a soul feeder. Oh this other so-and-so has infectious negativity. She’s a joy sucker.

Then I took a turn and looked at myself. I try to be and hope I’m the soul feeder that brings out the best in people. I’ve been struggling with being very uptight since I had my son and very angry after losing my dad. And I catch myself being a big negative Nancy sometimes due to that stress. I know that negativity can bring people down. I’ve been really trying to catch myself when I do that and stop. I try to think of 3 things I’m thankful for that are relevant to the situation.


Even though as adults is harder to nurture relationships, I think it’s just as important as it was when we were young and life was simpler.  I think my negativity issue has impacted some of my relationships, at least for a while.  Now, I make a special effort to let my friends and family know that I am thinking about them. I try to remember when they tell me something is going on in her/his life and ask about how things are going later. I try to write love letters when a person in my life is having a tough time. But do I feed their soul? I don’t know but I’ll keep trying. Well, hopefully I can at least make them laugh.


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