20% off Clearance Women’s Apparel at Target. LAST DAY!!

Attention Target Shoppers!  Wait…

Displaying IMG_0860.JPGDisplaying IMG_0860.JPGIMG_0860 Can someone help me use my phone?!  Y’all should’ve seen me trying to be a supermodel:  Work it! Own it!

I had this 20% off Women’s Apparel Selected in my Cartwheel App pretty much the whole time it’s been available.  I finally swung through there and I got a few mega scores! (in my opinion)  Like this Maxi skirt I’m rockin that was $19.99 but I got it for $7.98 plus tax.But TODAY IS THE LAST DAY for the 20% off Clearance Women’s Apparel. So get your booty over there TO-DAY.




I got these cutie patooty Jeans for only $8.38 (plus tax) was originally $34.99!  (I want to be a supermodel!)


And these yoga pants (originally $14.99) for only $5.58 plus tax.  I can retire one of my worn out pairs!  (I’m too sexy for my pants, too sexy for my pants…) (You love that song don’t deny it)

Don’t know much about the Cartwheel App?  If you shop at Target you NEED this!!  This is a coupon app that saves you 5% – 50% (sometimes even 75%, but this is rare).  Don’t get carried away, remember 5% isn’t a ton of money.  But it is a nice little savings if you’re buying something anyway.  Also Target’s coupon policy allows for 1 Manufacturer Coupon, one Target’s Printable Coupon (select the Target radial button to sort for target coupons first and print using Internet Explorer not Chrome), and 1 Cartwheel all on the same item.  When you stack those it is bargainsville people!

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