3 Last Minute Travel Savings


Happy Thanksgiving!  Are you traveling this holiday season?

Well, if you are flying, you’ve already spent a ton of money on air tickets. He’s a few last minute tips to keep your trip going smooth and keep your toddler happy.

1. When traveling with a toddler you can bring your own juice and some fruit or applesauce pouches.  Yes, and they can be over the 3 oz limit!  You don’t want to pay $3.79 for 1 juice box, when you can get a 6 pack for $5.  So, here’s the scoop: you can bring juice and pouches.  They will just require extra screening.  In security, dis close that you have them, pull them out of your bag going through security, and keep them separate from your toiletry bag.  Bonus tip: when bringing juice, get ones with clear packaging if possible.  Regular juice boxes will get you a pat down, clear will just get scanned like your formula/milk bottles.

2. Download the PBS kids app to your smartphone or tablet.  This app is completely free and there are a ton of cartoon episodes for free.  Yes, you will need wifi, so can’t watch on the plane.  But got stuck in Atalnta for 3 hours?   Well break out the Sesame Street!  Your kiddo can rot his/her brain for 45 minutes and watch a couple cartoons.  And your tired mom/dad brain can get a rest.  And you can take your 4 hour flight with the Letter of the Dat song stuck it you head! (It’s catchy!)

3. Kind of like #1, pack your own snacks.  Pack your Shakeology, fruit, and your PB&H (honey).  You’ll save $20 on fast food and eat much, much healthier!  Also, you skip one headache from juggling your kids and all your stuff while trying to find your wallet at the bottom of your giant carry on.

Have any other moneysaving tips? Comment below!

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