3 Savings to Keep An Eye Out For!


1. Did you get this Flier from JCPenney in your mailbox?  Don’t throw it away!  Open it and hopefully you’ll see these coupons!



The top coupon is a $10 off a $10 purchase and is valid starting tomorrow (8/1).  I use these JCPenney coupons every time I get them and get the best deals.  I end up able to get Joe’s clothes for cheaper than thrift and consignment prices.  Yeah, Like $1 per piece or less if I can find some clearance items.  You can use these coupons in store or at JCPenney.com.  Remember you get free shipping to the store with a $25 purchase.  I’ll be sure to post what I get with my coupon!



2. Did you get the Sunday paper today?  If you don’t normally get the paper and you shop at Publix, go ahead and get one while you’re out.  There is a $2.00 off Publix Bakery Coupon in today’s paper.  That coupon itself will “pay you back” for what you spent on the paper.  It is also the Sunday for the P&G insert.  So there’s a lot of extra coupons today!



3. Check out meats at Target!  You guys know I try to buy the cleanest food I can for my family.  I found this meat at Target yesterday that is grassfed, organic meat with a $4 off coupon!  The regular price is $8.99 (and is the going rate for a pound of grassfed beef).  But, I got these packages FOR $4.49 per pack when I stacked the coupon with my Target Cartwheel App.  The only hiccup is be sure to check the date.  Sometimes the meat is out of date.  In this case, they still had 1 more day.  So into the freezer it went!


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