3 tips to help you stick with your fitness

Ya’ll. Can you believe that it is February?! One of the things about this time of year is that it is the time of year where we start to give up on our New Years Resolutions.  They’re too hard.  Or something has messed up the routine.  We can find excuses!

Is losing weight or fitness on your list? If so, how’s it going? Don’t give up yet! I know there are tons of excuses. I hear a lot of people (including me!) say things like, “I don’t have time.” “It’s to much to get ready in the morning.” “I over slept so I couldn’t get my stuff together.” Here’s 3 things that I do to keep myself on track. And really it boils down to prep:

1. Pack all the lunches the night before. I know you’re ready to sit down and relax for the evening. But, if you go ahead and get all that food ready then you’re not rushing around in the morning. Hopefully it’ll only take a few to 10 minutes and then you can sit down! And as a bonus, you’ve got something healthy (or at least cheaper) and it lessens the temptation of eating out. I will use the divided containers and make several lunches at a time. Then I don’t have to do lunches every evening, but only a couple days each week.

2. On the weekend, set out your clothes for the entire week. This includes your workout clothes! I put one of these sweater hangers in Joe’s closet when I first went back to work. Every Sunday I set out his clothes for the week.  That way in the morning I wasn’t scrambling to pick out his clothes.  It finally registered that this will help me get ready for the week too! On Sunday I get through the laundry and put it all away.  While I’m doing that, I go ahead and set out what I’m going to wear that week to both the gym and work. That way, I’m not standing there in the morning frantically picking something out. And I’m not rushing around looking for running socks. Everything is right there! (Yes this is my messy closet!)

3. Choose your workout routine carefully.  If your excuse is time and/or inconvenience of the gym, ever thought about at-home workouts?  Walking and Beachbody workouts got me through that time when I didn’t have the freedom to leave the house with a new baby and the growing pains of going back to work. I started with 21 Day Fix.  But Beachbody has a really good deal right now with the All-Access pass.  You get every Beachbody program at your fingertips for a full year!  Every single one!

So try a couple of these and comment below if they help!  Have any other advice? Comment and let us know!


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  1. Trisha says:

    I do the same thing for Abigail’s clothes – the sweater thing! It works like a champ. she gets to pick out what she wears each day from what I put out on Sunday night. Ends fights and makes our mornings WAY smoother. I should do the same for me!! 🙂

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