Coupon Printing Changes

Do you guys print coupons?  I’m a long-time coupon user and printer.  We don’t use a lot of pre-packaged foods.  But this has been a major way that I have saved us big $$$ on some food and all of our toiletries, paper products, baby needs, and cleaning products.  I typically get all of our shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for free plus an overage (yes the store pays me to buy the product).  The last laundry soup we bought I only paid $0.50 for!  It does take a little work.  I watch the store ads and I try to stack deals.  That means an item will be on sale, I have a manufacturer coupon, and a store coupon.  I’m also very careful NOT to buy an item just because I have a coupon.  I only buy the things we actually will use.

I know a lot of folks hesitate to print coupons because of the printer software you have to download and install.  I know, installing software you’re not familiar with can be scary!  But there’s big news from  This website has, in my opinion, the biggest and best selection of printable coupons.  And now they are doing away with the coupon printer software!  Yes!  So if you aren’t printing because of that software, get your toner ready! is starting a phone number authentication process.  A pop-up screen will appear when a user tries to print.  Input your phone number and follow the instructions.  Easy peasy!

Some really good coupons available right now are:
3.50 off any 3 McCormick or McCormick Gourmet spices or herbs
2.25 off any 2 McCormick or McCormick Gourmet spices or herbs
1.00 off any Irish Spring body wash
0.75 off 2 Avocados from Mexico


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