A Round Tuit

So, in my 10th grade Chemistry class, Mr. Daniels (I think that was his name) mostly liked to give us “life” lectures instead of chemistry lectures.  Which sometimes that was OK with us, not having to really do any chemistry.  And he really liked me because he had a niece named Kristen and he really liked her.  Name association was enough for him to like someone and that worked out pretty good for my grade in his class.  Well, I remember at the beginning of the semester he handed out to everyone a piece of paper with a medallion drawn on it.  Written on the medallion was “A Round Tuit”  Then he informed us that we should not say that we “hadn’t gotten around to it” because he just handed us one.  HAHAHA Mr. Daniels.  But, as dorky as it was, that is one of the few things from his class that I remember…

RT 1

This isn’t the drawing he gave us, but It’s something I found on Pinterest.

Fast forward to now.  There’s all those things that we haven’t done, that have been stressing us out and we just say, “I haven’t gotten around to it yet.”  “I haven’t made it down that far on this list yet.”  Etc Etc Etc.  And I’ve been inspired by “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” to just set some goals and get things off my mind.

Here’s a good idea for an April challenge:  Let’s pick one of the things on your Round Tuit List.  Have you been meaning to clean out a closet?  Organize a room? Clean the bugs out of the ceiling fan globes? Start a new project?  Finish a project that you abandoned?

My challenge to you is to pick 4 of those things, your top 4, and Let’s promise to get 1 completed each week in April.  Here’s my list:

Week 1 (3-9 April): Organize and decorate the office so I can work in there and it is inspiring.

Week 2 (10 -16 April): Repair Joe’s table and chairs

Week 3 (17 – 23 April): Clean all the ceiling fans really well including globes

Week 4 (24 – 30 April): re-do the wiring of the stereo and hook up my record player


Are you in?!  What are your 4 round to it items you’re going to tackle?

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