Before there was Pinterest


I remember when we first got a computer in our house in the 90’s.  My mom got a recipe software (on floppy disks) and started typing in some of her favorite recipes.  Soon these recipes were printed out and along with magazine and newspaper clippings made it into a 3 ring binder.  Then that turned into probably a dozen three ring binders.


And so we are a product of our parents, right?  Well, I too have a binder of recipes.  I don’t have 12.  But I have 1 –  huge 2 inch binder.  That is stuffed.  To the max.  But I WON’T let myself expand.  My binder is full of, like my mom’s, magazine clips and printouts from my favorite blogs, recipe websites, and Pinterest finds (Yes I go on the computer and print these out).  It’s organized into dividers with, of course a big stack in the front that hasn’t been filed away yet.

Over the years, in an attempt to not end up with too much, I periodically go through my binder and pull out recipes that I’ve never made.  Yes it sounds wonderful, but it has some weird ingredient that I’ll never buy because I either 1. Can’t find it in my Redneck Rivera town or 2. I won’t pay the heavy price tag.  I also go look at some recipes and makes notes for ideas for substitutions, etc

And through the years my tastes and eating plans have changed.  So there have been iterations of my notebook that contained all the yummy comfort foods, no matter he calorie content or health implications.  Then as I’ve been working on my health and fitness, those recipes have been replaced with healthier options.  You can see where I’ve scribbled in substitutions for healthier ingredients, less oils, etc.  I’ve written in the Weight Watcher points. There’s evidence of spills and tears, which must mean that recipe (or the one before/after) was really good.


Being home sick this week gave me an opportunity to work on my notebook a little bit and I love it.  I love to read recipes and recipe books.  And I’m exited to turn that into recipe writing, which I’ve done a little bit here.

I guess it goes along with me holding on to old technology (like my record player).  But I like to look at recipes on paper.  I like to do things the way I’ve done them, or the way my mom has done them.  Not that clipping magazines is some treasured tradition that should be preserved forever.  But, I guess this just makes me think about my mom and the things she did when I was growing up.  And THAT I want preserved in my heart.


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