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Le sigh… Yes. I’m a die hard U2 fan and have been since probably the 5th grade (whenever Rattle and Hum came out).  You know this.  And you know this is a problem for me.  So I find it particularly interesting and not a coincidence that I had just read Chapter 8 of Say Goodbye to Survival Mode and I saw this article from Fortune Magazine.  The title is Bono: I will Follow.  And of course I want to read it because I would follow him.  I always wished I had some money so I could just follow them around the world during one of their tours.  And trust me, if I hit publishers clearing house I will.  And I’ll bring a nanny for Joe, so start putting your name in for that now!


So I won’t re-hash the whole article here, but they called Bono 14th in the list of World Leaders.  I imagine that since they are not talking about Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber, that most people don’t realize this.  (And I’m not hating on either one of those two – they are super successful and famous)  Bono just isn’t a household name anymore (except at my house).  But he really should be in my opinion.  I loved how the article described his first lobbying adventure and how nervous he was.  And how he’s used his fame, the ONE campaign, and (RED) to bring to light the poverty and AIDS epidemic.  He found a worthy cause.  And stood up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.  And his efforts, according to the article in Fortune, have reduced the number of new AIDS cases by 35%.  OMG.  He started that.  One person, by himself.

So can you imagine the timing for me when I’ve just read Chapter 8 in Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  Which is called “Yes, You Can Make a Difference.”  Um, what if Bono hadn’t thought he could make a difference?  How many lives has he saved/made better because of the work he’s done?  It all got me thinking over the last few days…again.


I have been disappointed in my regular job over the last few years.  It isn’t challenging in the ways I’d hoped and although I do take pride in helping my teammates, I find that what we do is FAR FAR FAR from fulfilling.  One of the reasons I started my Beachbody business was because I want to help people.  I wanted to help people accomplish their fitness goals, live a healthier lifestyle, and become confident in themselves.  Even though it has only been a few months, and I think I’ve helped a few people.  I still feel  like something is missing.  Lately our local news and my Facebook feed has been filled with stories about abused and/or neglected kids.  And I find myself crying and wishing I could do something.  Well, you know what?  I can.  It just kind of hit me as I was reviewing my notes and meditating/praying about Chapters 7, 8, and 9.  Any profit I make, no matter how small, is not REALLY part of our budget yet.  It hasn’t been assigned a line in the budget.  So we can pick EXACTLY what we want to do with the money with NO impact to our current situation.  I’ve talked it over with Ben.  I’m going to donate 50% of my Beachbody commissions over the next 3 months (Beginning in April) to a children’s charity.  I’ve put in 1 inquiry with a local charity here in the Panama City Beach area that provides Christmas to 100 needy children in our area.  I am hoping to hear back from them soon.  I will do some research too, and get back to you guys on my plan.  This will be a good thing. And I’m already energized about it.  🙂  I know I’m not Bono. I’m not a super-star-go-have-brunch-with-former-President-Bush kind of gal.  (I totally would if he invited me, though) But, I can help a few kids in my local area.  Yes, Ma’am I sure can!


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