Well, I told you guys I’m a slow reader!  But I gave you a chance to get your copy of Breaking Busy and get reading!  Right this second I’m about half way into Chapter 3.  Today lets talk about Chapter 1, Capacity.

So far, this book is easy to read.  When I make the few minutes here or there to read, it goes fast.  And even though this book has a Christian flavor to it, I think it is a good read for any woman – no matter what you do/don’t believe.  No matter what faith you are, I think that we, as women, tend to neglect ourselves in every sense of the word.  The overall tone I get from this book so far is a re-assurance that it is not only OK, but necessary for us to take a little time out to take care of ourselves.

Chapter 1 of Breaking Busy is Capacity.  Alli Worthington starts off the book with a really perfect analogy that all of us can relate to:  our cell phone.  You take such good care of your phone.  You always keep it charged up and ready to go.  Why can’t we do that for ourselves?  And what are the warning signs that you have reached your capacity and need that re-charge?

For me, it was her Sign #1: An inability to control your emotions.  THIS IS TOTALLY ME.  When I was reading the story Alli used as a reference, I was certain she had a window into my heart.  When I am at capacity and dealing with way more stress than I can manage on my own I completely shut my friends out.  Meeting up with people gives me so much anxiety that by the time I get there I usually can’t even hardly participate in the group and conversations.  I get physically sick to my stomach.  And I so often act like a complete hermit thus making my friends feel like I don’t want the friendship anymore.  As I look back on my life I really see it.  I had a major loss in friendships after each big traumatic event in my life.  I need to be alert to this anxiety and tendency to shut down and realize that I just need a re-charge and possibly get a couple things off my plate or of my mind.

I also really loved the last section in the Chapter, “Life in Your Sweet Spot.”  This really reminded me of the “Best Stuff List” from Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  I feel like my sweet spot is that list of my priorities and “best stuff.”  I have those lists bookmarked in my journal.  I need to go back and reference them more often.  I think that will help me stay focused and my life of intention and not get lost in the hustle and bustle.

Have you read Breaking Busy?  Are you reading along with me?  Comment and let me know!


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