Challenge yourself!

I’m super excited to announce I’ll be doing some FREE challenge groups on Facebook.  My goal is to do 1/month and we’ll be working on 1 particular exercise for each group.  They’ll run 3-7 days each.  How fun is THIS going to be!  I’m really excited about this and hope we got lots of participation.


For the first challenge we’re going to do a 5 Day Plank Challenge.  This is meant to be a finisher challenge but you can totally do this is you are a beginner too!  It’s a come as you are, do your best, no judgement.  What is a “finisher?”  A finisher workout is just that – a little workout you do at the end of your workout to burnout one part of your body.  It’s basically your bonus round!  So click here that you want to join us.  Let’s start getting that core strong!

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