Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” is about discipline and creating/having good habits.  I think we can all say, that as an XXX I have discipline – as an athlete, or parent, or employee whatever your really passionate about.  I think if it is really your passion, it is easy to be disciplined at the task.  However, it is the things we struggle with most that require the most discipline.

The sort of part B lesson and the part that perked my ears (eyes, really since I was reading) was about establishing good habits and to work on breaking bad habits.  So here’s my three worst:
1.  Finish what I start.
I’m TERRIBLE at this.  I start 17 things at once and then walk away.  Then I have 5 unfinished draft emails, a half of a blog post, 9 chores, and 2 craft projects started.  And all I’m left with is a huge to do list, a ginormous mess all over the house, and a big ball of stress.
2. Which leads me to:  Stop making piles
Giirrllllll put you sh** away!  This could be a sub-bullet to #1, but I have it its own spot because it gets pretty bad.  Then I just have a huge mess of piles of stuff everywhere.  Don’t delay! Put it away!
3. Ok maybe these are all super related: I try to do too many things at once.  I need to start what Crystal calls focused intensity.  Sit down, focus, get it done and move on.  But my brain is all over the place and I start thinking about something else and I move on.  Shame on me! But think that’s part of why #1 and #2 happen to me all the time.


And now that I’ve started my Beachbody business is has reach a whole new level of disaster.  I have exploded all over the house.  I have piles in every room and driving Ben nuts.  I started sorting out the office so I can work in there, never finished.  I was doing some flower arrangements, never finished (good thing they’re fake).  I started some sewing projects never finished.  I started putting away my FALL decorations and never finished.  Started getting clothes ready to consign, never finished.  Need to me to continue?!

Now I just need a plan to change this!  I know marking things off the list will be so much more satisfying them have I got a bunch of things only half done.  Ya know?!  So… I’m going to try to use Crystal’s strategy so far.  Use my weekly plan and try my hardest to stick to it.  Try to use the excitement of marking those things off the list as motivation to keep in line.  And maybe we can do a challenge in April about finishing things or getting thing done we’ve been meaning to do.  I’ll think on it…

What are your top 3 bad habits you want to change?


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