Couponing at Publix

Y’all this is so not like me, but I went grocery shopping this morning, not only with no coupons in hand, but no LIST! I know…those of you who know me best know this is like the twilight zone.  But, sometimes it happens!  Ben invited a couple gals he works with over for dinner last-minute.  Also, a friend at work, her father passed away unexpectedly on Monday.  And I want to get some food in her refrigerator when she gets home from Colorado. So after my morning social with Kathy (um, I mean run), I went to Publix to get all the groceries.  And I’m figuring out what I’m going to make as I’m parking the car….

Well, luckily Publix has some couponing options that don’t require a ton of planning.  So even in these last-minute situations, you can still save a few dollars without a whole lot of work.  And for those of you who want to use coupons without doing a whole lot of work, Publix this place to do that.

First, they have digital coupons.  Yes, if you think couponing is too much trouble, you don’t get a newspaper, or don’t want to use a lot of ink to print your own coupons, this is the place for you to start.  Go to and create an account.  The coupons will look something like this:

 publix clip

At checkout, you input your handy dandy phone number into the credit card machine and the coupons are automatically applied.  Boom!  Savings, that took no time!  Also, Publix has an app.  You can look for the digital coupons anywhere anytime.  Like when you’re sitting in a boring meeting.  But you know I would NEVER do that…

Publix also has a ton of store coupons in fliers that you can find around the store.  I found all of these today:


And don’t make fun of my coupon organizer.  I know you are secretly jealous!

Since Publix is having their Viva Italia sale, we are having pizza tonight and my friend is getting a lasagna for when she gets home.  They have some coupons I found that you can stack with the sale on tomato products:


Also, if you can find these Lindt Valentines heart on the clearance table at your store, there is a coupon you can stack with the clearance price:


If you are not familiar with Publix’s coupon policy, they accept 1 Manufacture’s coupon, 1 store coupon, and 1 competitor’s coupon on a single item.  That can add up to huge savings!  Here in Florida, our store accepts competitors coupons from WinnDixie.  You will have to check your local store’s coupon policy to find the competitor stores your Publix will honor.

Also, if I can ask something of you guys, please keep her in your prayers.  Losing a parent is so hard. She’s going to need our support!  Please be praying/thinking about her and her family.


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