My poor little monkey.  We got another daycare bug, a stomach one.  I posted about this on Facebook to my Beachbody Challenge Group participants.  And decided to blog about it too because it is something I constantly struggle with.


You plan your day, maybe to the hour, maybe to the minute.  You set your goals:  I’ll do this chore, go to work, get my workout in, get groceries, etc. etc.  And inevitably something happens. The dishwasher floods the kitchen, there is a huge fire drill at work and you have to stay late, or your poor little munchkin gets a bug.  For me, sometimes, it is so hard to let go.  You say things to yourself, like, “If I don’t workout I’m letting my challenge group down!”  “If I don’t get to the store, I’ll miss the good sale on cheese” “If I don’t…” “If I don’t…” “If I don’t…”


The reality of it is, if I don’t move this mountain of laundry, Joe won’t have any clean sheets or PJ’s to put on if he throws up again. And I’m going to disinfect the sink and tub where he threw up so I can give him a bath later.  And you know what, my challenge group will understand that this is what I chose to do during his nap today.  Nope, I did not get my workout in and it’s ok.  Yes it is.  It is OK.  And if you didn’t get your workout in because the plumber was there for 5 hours fixing your busted pipe, or you didn’t get to the store because your deadline at work got moved up by 3 weeks, it IS OK!  It does not mean you are not dedicated to your goals of fitness or saving money or…what ever your goals are.  YOU ARE dedicated, but you also have to live life.  Don’t beat yourself up.  You’ll still meet you goals!  You’ve got this!

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