Focus on Gratitude

When I was reading Chapter 5 of Breaking Busy, I had this horrible feeling that over the past couple (?) weeks that I HAVE BEEN everyone’s negative friend.  I have not been dealing with stress very well lately.  Family issues, my miscarriage (more on this later), then the frustrations with Joe starting a new class sent me over the top.  I closed my book and closed my eyes realizing, “Yep.  I’m everyone’s negative friend.”  It’s time to re-focus on gratitude.  Despite everything that has gone wrong lately that is no reason for me to snap at the boys and be the whiner around my friends.  So hey friends and family, Sorry about that!  And I do appreciate you!

How do we break the negativity cycle?  I don’t know!  I do know that mourning something is important to move on.  With everything I’ve been through in my life; death, divorce, lost friendships/relationships, lost family heirlooms, and other BIG mistakes, all of these types of losses required a type of mourning in order to get over it.  Grieve, be sad/mad/frustrated, confide in someone, whatever it takes.  But then it’s time to move on.  It’s easy to just focus on the thing(s) that are going wrong right now and feel sorry for yourself.  But dang.  This pity party has been NO FUN and it’s over.  All y’all are free to go.  And I’ll have a better attitude.  🙂


I mean, I get to take care of these guys.  So right off the bat life is pretty sweet!  DUH!

Here’s our plan:  let’s do 3 acts of gratitude everyday.  Write a small email or note telling them they’re awesome. A small act of kindness to help someone out.  A simple “thank you.”  We’ve got this!

What send you into your negative cycle?  How do you over come it?


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