Fit Budget Valentine

Now that I have a toddler, I suddenly feel compelled to decorate for the “smaller” holidays, like Valentine’s day.  So…Since I don’t have much room in the budget right now (I’ll explain another day).  I went to one of my favorite places:  The Dollar Tree!  I’ll probably make this a regular post so that you all can see what treasures the Dollar Tree has for the upcoming seasons and holidays.
My $1 door hanger:  Dollar Tree seems to have the felt placemats for every season.  I had bought a bunch for the fall to decorate the table.  Well they had some for Valentines too!  This heart is really cute!  It has a little shimmer in the thread but NO GLITTER (which means no shedding glitter)!  Hooray!  And it made this really cute door hanger.  Just use a scrap piece of red Christmas ribbon.

IMG_2016 IMG_2017

Since I’m not good at making big pretty bows, I just tied the ribbon in a knot and scooted the know behind the felt so you can see it when it is hanging up.  Done!
I got this cute garland heart shaped wreath for $1.
Finally I made this little red and white garland.  We were wandering around Michael’s getting some supplies for Ben and they had these pipe cleaners for $0.99 each.  I used my 20% coupon and got them for $.79.  if you had 40% off coupons they would’ve only been $.59 each.

So for my first decorated Valentine’s day I only spent $3.58 plus tax.  There were a few heart picks in the floral that I may still go back in get next week at 50% off.  CHAching!!!

Also, If you have never looked at cards, you NEED to do that!  all of their cards are either $1 or 2/$1.  I got all of our family Valentine cards (except Ben’s) there.

Whenever you go to the dollar tree, make sure you go up and down all (or at least most) of the isles.


I was able to find bags of the Gerber Lil’Whoo’s.  Joe loves those snacks and at $1, I bought all they had.  They are regular price $2.99, so that is a 66% savings.  They also had the Gerber organic pouches, stage 2.  Those are around $1.50 at the store, so that it a 33% savings.  I also got some Kraft Mac-n-Cheese just because I was there and Joe needed some.  $1 isn’t a bad price, but nothing spectacular.  Just saved me a trip somewhere else.  Dollar Tree accepts manufactures coupons (except on items less than $1), so you can stack those with the regular Dollar Tree price!  Shop til you drop!

Standby for what I find for Spring!

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