Hi Y’all!

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you all know why I’m here!


I’m Kristen: a wife, mom, part-time government employee, and Beachbody coach here in sunny Florida and have become passionate about helping people.  The last few years I have been looking for a way to help other people with their goals, weather it is stretching your budget or losing some baby weight.  I’ll try to help you as much as I can!

I really needed to find this avenue after my son’s first birthday in October.  I had been trough a lot of the struggles of being a first time mom, being more overweight then I had ever been, working on time management, and the list goes on.  Every time I learn a new trick that works for me I want to share it with EVERYONE.  But, hey, I just don’t have 10,000 Facebook friends.  🙂  So Hopefully through this blog, I can help you with something you are struggling with.  At least let you know that you’re not struggling with it alone.

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