How I did Valentine’s Day for $15.36!

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I’m done getting ready for Valentine’s Day!  Yes ma’am I am! And I got it all for less than $15!  How? 3 things:

1. We don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day in our family. Ben doesn’t really like the “Halmark Holidays” and I like to do a little something but nothing over-the-top. I like to get cards and something small for Joe and something small for… no not Ben, but myself!  It’s a nice excuse for a small treat for me! Nothing wrong with that!!

2. I got part of Joe’s gift at Target. Through tomorrow (Saturday) you can get 40% off Hot Wheels with your Cartwheel App – including the individual cars!  That bring the price of these guys I got down to $0.59!  So I got Joe 4 cars. ✅

3. Have you guys checked out the Dollar Tree lately?  I got all the rest of our stuff from there. (And did you know you can ship to your local Dollar Tree Store For FREE!)

– Cards: for all the grandparents and for Ben (one from me and one from Joe) ✅

– stickers: for Joe to make pictures for grandparents ✅

-Decor: Dollar Tree had several cute things. I chose this cute wall hanger. I had just the right spot for it. ✅

– I also bought Joe this cute Monster window cling. I’ve just set it up on our glass door. I hope he likes playing with it! ✅

– the rest of Joe’s present: 2 books, Dino stickers, and a Matchbox hovercraft! Cool! ✅

– and My present: I found a Bob Harper cookbook!  I’ll let you know how I like it! ✅

Total spent: $15.36 + tax!

I’m also reusing all of my finds from last year.  Check them out here.

For tons more cute Dollar Tree goodies for Valentine’s Day click here!

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