Hungry Girl Review: Cheesy Italian Egg Mug


Here is another recipe review of Hungry Girl’s latest book Clean and Hungry.  This chapter of the book is “Egg Mugs, Skillet Scrambles, Burritos & Bakes.”  Today I made her Cheesy Italian Egg Mug.

I LOVED IT!  This recipe is just a handful ingredients that I usually have on hand.  And you literally cook it in a big mug, in the microwave in 3 minutes.  I think the only thing I would do different sometime is add a little chicken sausage on a rainy day.

And mine looked pretty darn close to the picture in the book!!


I’m going to do one more recipe review this weekend from the “Z’pagheti, Spaghetti Squash &More Veggie-noodle Dishes Chapter.”  So far, Hungry Girl Clean and Hungry is well worth the investment!

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