I am Super-Woman

I’ve been reading along in “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.”  Chapter 5 is about finances and setting financial goals.  Um…I was supposed to discuss those with Ben?  Oops!  🙂  Maybe THAT’s why we’re not always on the same page.  Well there you go!

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Chapter 6 is about managing your household.  Crystal provides some good tips in this department.  But I guess I was just reading on until I got to Chapter 7.  Which is how to manage “When you feel like a failure.”    The section that resonated with me the most was “Don’t hold yourself to someone else’s standard.”  I think as a parent or as a woman (or both) we are REALLY BAD about doing this.  I do it all the time.  So-and-so is so much more creative than me.  So-and-so is fitter than me.  So-and-so has way more patience than me.  And the list could go on.  We constantly beat ourselves up when we try to be Super-Woman (or Super-Man) and, at least in our own eyes, we fail.  But I bet if you asked the people around you if you’re doing a good job, they would say, “YES!” And probably insinuate in some fashion that they are aspiring to be like YOU!

Ben gets on me all the time because he tries to pay me a compliment and I often have a negative response.  I have been doing better at:

  1. Saying thank you to him and really trying to accept his compliment.  And
  2. I’ve also really been working on letting things go and not putting so much pressure on myself.  And thus – I don’t feel quite as much like a big failure.  I’ve been using the goal setting strategies that Crystal talks about in this book.  If it’s not on the list I try not to think about it.  I also try to have a plan in mind on what day I’m going to do which thing.  So I don’t have to stress about the paperwork for my affiliate links because I know I’ve carved out time to finish that on Wednesday afternoon.

And you know what?  I work 2 part time jobs, workout almost every day, manage our finances, manage our household, manage grocery shopping/meal planning, and am a wife and a mom.  So…I AM SUPER-WOMAN!


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    • the28thbutterfly@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Kathy! I think for a lot of us it is hard to realize that, isn’t it?! But we are! (Or Wonder-women!) LOL

  1. Carrie Fioramonti says:

    I want to read this book. I having a feeling that it is going to have a bottomline that says “It’s okay to say NO.” I am a big fan of this philosophy and could use a refresher.

    • the28thbutterfly@gmail.com says:

      I think you would really like it! YES! It would be a great refresher for saying “no” and prioritizing what is really important.

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