I cheated!

I know! I’m sorry!  I KNOW I said I was going to fix Joe’s table this week.  And I KNOW this is very selfish of me.  But I bumped up getting my stereo put back together properly.  I miss having music so much.  I wanted my records.  Yes, records.  Records are those round things that your grandmother listened to when you were a toddler. They’re like a CD, but bigger, black with funny lines on them. Oh – and not digital.  🙂  And my tapes.  Oh this bad boy has continuous play, baby!

There is no before/after picture to be had in this case.

IMG_0456 IMG_0459

I must say I’m pretty handy.  I got really nostalgic about when I tried to install a stereo in my car by myself, speakers and all.  My friend that helped me back then would be proud!  And y’all would’ve laughed because I probably had bangs and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth.  But we won’t talk about that!!


SO after some finagling, wire striping, and more finagling I did it!  IMG_0460

And this: Remember this sound???

AND LOOK WHO LEARNED TO EMBED A VIDEO!  I kinda feel like a bad ass.  Sorry.  I’ve stripped wires and embedded videos like a pro (ok semi-pro)


So next week….the table and chairs fix!

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