I got a Round Tuit…

Do you remember the Round Tuit Challenge for this month?  Well, I got a round tuit and cleaned up my office!  I still feel like it is a little cluttered and maybe I could do a little bit more throwing away.  But – I made a huge dent!  I took stuff to Salvation Army.  I threw stuff away.  And shred shred shred!!

iphonedump 292 iphonedump 293

I did buy a few things a long time ago that I wanted to use, these awesomely cute file folders, a little art, and this clipboard calendar.  Cuteness!

IMG_0495 IMG_0496

So here’s the after!  What do you think?  (And be kind.  It’s baby steps for me people! I’m not at the Japanese Art of Tidying Up level yet)  I can work at my desk, which I’m doing.  I have an inspiration board and a calendar so I can plan.  Yay!!  The floor is clear.  The desk is clear.  There’s a bunch of stuff gone from the closet (not pictured).  Go me.  And Ben.  Who hung everything because I’m not allowed to hang things anymore.  Which we can discuss later. Next stop: table and chair dumpster dive! Nighty night!

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