K10 Review: Dollar Store Magic Eraser

Ok, sometimes you get what you pay for so I took for the team and checked out the pack of generic Magic Erasers from the Dollar Tree.  I had read online that they work just as well, but you just. never. know.

IMG_0876 IMG_0881

These guys are called “Quick Erasers” instead of “Magic Erasers.”  It is a similar box and there are 2 in a box (for $1).  This makes them about half the price of the name brand – I think the box I bought the last time came out $1 for each eraser.


The directions are also the same as the name brand; get them a little wet, squeeze excess water out, then use.

I tested this on two spots of crayon, my glass door and tile floor, and a spot of lasagna (?) from 2 weeks ago on the wall (thanks Joe!).  AND…

IMG_0893 IMG_0892

It worked really well on the crayon!  It was just like the box said, quick (and for crayon)!  I will say that once the glass dried I had to take some window cleaner to it due to streaking, but I would expect that from the name brand as well.


And the 2 week old lasagna came off without a hiccup and without needing to re-paint the wall.  I didn’t get quite close enough on the after picture, but trust me it looks good!  So functionfitmom officially says these are worth it!  If you see the Quick Erasers at your Dollar Tree.  Grab some up!

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