My 1st Impression of Boxed


I recently, actually just a few days ago, decided to check out Boxed.  I have read other blogs and articles lately about options on buying in bulk, saving money and NOT paying for membership fees like the big box stores and Amazon.  At a glance, Boxed looked like the prices were competitive.  I also remembered I could get an Ibotta rebate.  I thought about what I wanted to order.  As I picked out items I wanted, I checked prices at Target, Amazon and Sam’s club for the same or comparable items.  And everything I ordered from Boxed was the same price or a little cheaper.  I also found a coupon code for an additional 10% off, but unfortunately that code has expired (Sorry!).  So I feel confident I got a good deal on everything I bought.

3 things I REALLY like about Boxed:

  1. As compared to Amazon and Sam’s is there is no fee.  You get free 2 day shipping if you spend $50.  No strings!
  2. You can use the Ibotta app to launch the Boxed app and get an additional discount.  I explained this Ibotta feature here.  I saved another 5% with Ibotta!
  3. They do rewards.  You get $2.50 cash rewards right off the bat for signing up.  I could apply $2 in rewards on my first purchase.  Seriously?  Yeah, seriously!

I ordered some of their brand items to see how I liked them.  So I’ll check back in with you and let you know if I have any issues or if I’m really digging something.

I had too much going on today to open the box and get it all put away.  I’ll hop on Facebook live this even after Joe goes to bed (about 7:30 central time), unpack my box, and tell you AAAaallll about my bargains.


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