My 3 Favorite parts of Breaking Busy

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Overall I enjoyed Breaking Busy.  If you’re a stretched-to-thin mom or dad I would recommend it!

Some of the topics were very similar to Crystal Paine’s Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  So, I did find myself getting bored at times.  But I also found myself saying, “yeah – I needed that reminder!”

I really liked how Breaking Busy was set up and organized, with an assignment at the end of each chapter.  I especially liked how she challenged herself (and then the reader) to really consider the big changes.  She is really good at being fully open to what God had planned for her even if it seemed totally outside of her comfort zone.  That was inspiring!

My 3 favorite parts

  1. In Chapter 4 she talks about how hard it is to do the right thing.  It might be awkward.  It might take you out of your comfort zone.  But if you don’t do it, you’ll just keep yourself busy trying to avoid it.  I wrote about my one of my favorite quotes here. My other favorite is in the pic below and in…img_1694
  2. Chapter 3.  Period.  The whole thing.  I wrote a bit about my thoughts here.  It really got me thinking about where I need to go from here.  What am I called to do?  God and I haven’t quite sorted it all out yet, but we’re working on it.  🙂
  3. We all say, “I’m too busy to_____.” Where your _____ is something that you REALLY love to do.  In the activity at the end of Chapter 7, Alli has a diary experiment that you do for a week.  Basically you track what you do with your time during the day, everyday for a week.  You look at your activities for the places where you waste time, etc.  I admit, I thought it was a little hokie at first.  But I did it.  And you what?  I do manage my time pretty well.  But, I manage doing the things that keep me busy (stress me out and/or don’t bring me joy). And I hire out things that I LOVE to do.  A big one is cooking.  For example, on Friday I do most the chores – clean the house from top to bottom scrubadubdub!  I don’t particular MIND cleaning the house because I like for things to be clean and tidy.  But there are other things that I enjoy doing that I hire out.  In particular, cooking is a big one.  I love to cook, but last Friday I got tons of cleaning done, …and then we had take out pizza.  I love to cook.  I love to make pizza from scratch.  But, I was too busy cleaning.  In my child-less days I used to do all my meal prep on Sundays.  I get really frustrated and cranky when I do that on Sundays now because I would rather hang out with the boys (they’re pretty awesome).  Becuase I don’t get all the meals done on Sundays, there are several other times each week where we either grab take out or a fresh pre-made meals from the grocery.  When I looked at our budget and what spent on these types of foods, guess what we could spend that money on instead?  A housekeeper!  See!  One way I can be Breaking Busy in my own life is to just re-organize and re-prioritize tasks.  When I completed all the activities at the end of Chapter 7, I really realized what was going on here.  I really can stop keeping myself busy doing things that drain me and start doing more things I enjoy – productive for our family – but still enjoy.  (No it doesn’t mean I can quit my job and sit on the beach all day – but you get my point.)  Now on Fridays I can keep Joe at home and get more of the weekly cooking done!  Hoping to make this first small step in a couple weeks!

If you want to try the activity above, Alli has some worksheets on her website at

So my next book is for fun.  I’m finally reading Harry Potter (year 1)!  Yes, I know I’m late to the game.  But I’m Breaking Busy!  I want to read these books!  xoxo

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