My honest review of Crossfit

I have NEVER liked going to gyms. NEVER.

I find them super intimidating. As soon as you walk in people start staring. You can never tell, of course, what they’re thinking. But I usually feel like they’re saying something that is mean, like, “that’s not very heavy.” Or something not nice about the way I look.

And all the mirrors.

And then every gym I’ve been to has that guy. You know the one I’m talking about. The one who has to come over and talk to you every day. He has to interrupt your workout, usually says something inappropriate, and is completely in our personal space. Honestly, you’re not quite sure how much working out he really does after he’s gone around and made every woman in the gym feel like she needs a pre-shower shower to get the sleaze off. Uh Yucko!  And the girls there.  They are so pretty and perfect.  And there’s that one who you idolize physically but there’s no way she would stoop to speak to someone like YOU.  Ya know her right?!

So here’s how I ended up in a Crossfot gym: I was getting frustrated because I was TRYING to do Body Beast. I kept hurting myself. And I’ve really been missing being competitive. And I’ve just been feeling a little lost as to what to do for fitness next. My friend had been talking about Crossfit and how much she loves it over the past couple years. So I thought, “You know. I probably could use a little help with my form. Going to a gym is going to suck. But ill have a coach to work on my form and also be a little competitive. I’ll give it a try.” So this past Christmas I tried it.

And here’s what happened: You know what? There’s no mirrors. And no yucko sleaze guy. There’s a different pretty girl with a peffect bottom. But she’s different – she’s REALLY nice and helpful. No one makes me feel like I’m doing a bad job. And the coaches at my gym makes sure you don’t hurt yourself. And everyone is really supportive and encouraging. I’m often the last one to finish and usually doing the lightest weight. But I ALWAYS leave there feeling like a badass. And I can’t wait until I can go back!

So…What does this mean? Well, it means that I’m going to keep doing Crossfit! So far I love it! The people in my class are really nice. I love my coach! And I drink Shakeology EVERYDAY! I’ve started using energize from the performance line for an extra boost. I am really started to feel excited about working out again and motivated to do my best.  (And I can already tell a difference in my strength)

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