Now we’re back…to Chapter 3 Part 2

Good Morning!   Here is the second part of Chapter 3 of “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.” And I think I’m all caught up now.  I’ve flush out my morning and evening routines like I was needed to.  And I got my goals for this year written down!  Ben is going to be my accountability partner.  I have briefed him on my goals.  Now all I have left to do if figure out how I should track them.  I think I’m going to stick to paper.  I love to sit down with my notebook and a coffee (or beer depending on time of day) and scribble in a book.

IMG_0216I love this notebook I’m using.  But, it is getting REALLY jumbled with my personal stuff and my business notes.  Ben gave me a really pretty book for our anniversary, so I’ll get that out and use that for my personal stuff.

My process:  I reviewed lists from Chapters 1 and 2.  And thought about my goals for the year.  It was actually really easy.  They came fast and naturally – now the execution may be a challenge.  But I liked this process – I’m a planner so I think that this all makes sense to me.

There are 2 things that Crystal talks about for goal setting that will probably help me the most.  1.  When breaking down you yearly goals, do this by week not by day.  I think that goes back to me driving myself bonkers with all my crazy to-do lists.  Working on things by week will make it easier for me to give myself  some grace.  2.  She says to take 1 day off per week.  I will REALLY struggle with this!  But my hope is that it will give me more QT with the boys – quiet relaxing time with them and playtime and just a chance to completely unwind.  Or even give me a chance to do something I miss, like swimming.

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