Obsessed with More

I’ve had some things weighing heavy on my mind lately.  Specifically, I’m always thinking about more.  I seem to be always striving to be more, do more, and have more.  I think it comes down to this big question:  Where am I going with my regular job, my Beachbody job, and this website?  And with all the goal planning that I learned to do to try to keep myself from shutting down and focusing on the positive I am still feeling like I’m not enough.  I still find that I beat myself up because of all those more’s:

  • I should be working more hours at my regular job
  • I should be writing more blog posts
  • I should be reaching out to more people about Beachbody
  • I should be doing more chores during the week
  • I should be training harder
  • I should be cooking fancier and a bigger variety of meals
  • I should have more time with my family
  • I should do more, more, more…

And it moves into “things” too.  Oh – I

  • Need more fashionable clothes
  • Need more activities for Joe
  • Need more furniture and decorations for the house
  • Need to be able to provide more, more, more just stuff

I have struggled with so many ideas/ideals of who and what I should be and do since becoming a mom.  Should I stay home?  Should I work? Should we be minimalists?  Should we sign up for this event? Should I…?  Should we…?  Should I…?  Should we…?  And I end up just trying to do and get it all.

Stop it.  Right. Now.

A lot of my goals in my goal setting keep getting put on the back burner, like my quality time with Ben or being more focused on Joe.

So something is not working.  I’m not sticking to “the plan.”

I need to figure out what isn’t working.  And I’m asking myself the following questions:

  1. What is Enough?  What does that mean for me?
  2. What drives me to continuously pile on more and more responsibility?  (and the inverse, What would bring me contentment?)
  3. What will truly bring me Joy and Fulfillment?

Join me on this journey to getting things figured out.  We’ve figured out how to develop our goals based on what’s really most important to us from Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  Now let’s figure out how to keep our eye on the prize.  I’m going to start with Breaking Busy by Allie Worthington.

I read the reviews and I think this is a good place to start.  One said, “Breaking Busy is a great read for women who feel like they don’t have quite enough hours in the day to finish their to-do list — in other words, most of us! Alli’s voice is authentic and witty, plus her content is uber-practical. Whether you’re a harried mom with french fries littering the floor boards of your minivan or a high-level executive with more meetings than your iCal can keep up with, this book will help you navigate the next season of your life with significantly less stress and a lot more genuinely relaxed smiles.” (LISA HARPER, Bible teacher, adoptive mom, and author of Believing Jesus: Are You Willing to Risk Everything)

Next up is I’ve pre-ordered The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Lee.  It’s supposed to ship in August!


So let’s give’er a whirl!  Anyone want to read Breaking Busy and The Happiness Dare with me?


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