Plank Exercises, They’re Hard Yo!

I’ve had several people ask me lately about plank exercises and it hurt their wrists.  They are you nemesis too you say?  Well that’s because they are hard.

When I started working out again post-baby, I was having major problems with plank exercises.  One of the symptoms was my wrists hurt. And I just didn’t have the strength to hold myself up.  See, it’s not just you.  EVERYONE struggles with these.

What in the world am I talking about? Plank position is the top part of a push up. It looks a lil somethin like this:
Your back should be flat with your head as an extension.  It should feel like you’re look out about 10 inches in front you. If your wrists are hurting during plank make sure your body is in the correct position.  Your hand should be under your shoulders.  Sometimes wrist pain can be caused by over or under extending your arms.

IMG_0107 IMG_0108

Another issue could be that your back isn’t flat.  Even though it’s super cute, be careful not to stick your booty up in the air.  Also, you don’t want to sink your hips.  Like this:

IMG_0109 IMG_0110

I think part of my issue was I needed to work on strengthening my core muscles and shoulders.  Even though (I think) I was in the correct position, I wasn’t using my whole body to support my weight.  SO my poor wrists were trying to do it all.  Bad Kristen!  I’m finding now that I’m getting stronger everywhere, my planks are getting better and I don’t fall on my face…as much.  Plank is a full body position.  When you’re doing plank exercises thinking about using your shoulders, core, and legs to hold your body up.  Hopefully engaging those will help take the pressure off your wrists.

While you’re building your core strength you can do modifications to alleviate the wrist pain.
Option 1:  Drop to your knees.  This will make plank a easier on your whole body.
Option 2:  Go down to your forearms.  This position is still tough, but takes all the pressure off your wrists.

Of course, wrist pain could be a medical condition so DO NOT dismiss that.  If you feel like you need to see a doctor about it, please do so.

Shout out to my friend Rebecca for taking the pictures in this post for me!

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