Ready to Break Busy

I had all these great posts planned over the last couple weeks.  And I’m sorry.  They just didn’t happen.  We’ve had a big loss in our family.  And I was struggling to be able to do anything.  But I’m ready to start getting back into life again – slowly – but ready.  And I’ll tell you all about it in time.  But I need a little bit more time.

I’m excited to start reading Breaking Busy.  Did you order your copy?  Don’t forget you can get it on Amazon in 2 days with a prime membership.  You can get a 30 Day free trial here.  Or you can get the electronic version of Breaking Busy and start right away.  The other tidbit of good news if you want to read along, is you know I’m a slow reader.  So I’m sure you’ll catch up and pass me fast.  Ready?  Let’s start this weekend!


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