Say Yes to the Best!

That would be the name of chapter two of “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.”  🙂

This chapter was good.  It is getting me focused on what my priorities really mean.  Which is telling me right now, that I have too many priorities. Is that possible?  I guess so.  I’m struggling with my daily planning and my routine assignments.  How are those going for you guys?

The one sentence (and section) that spoke to me the most was when Crystal says, “Don’t try to be someone else.”  And I guess until now I never realize I did that.  BUT I DO.  I think especially moms and wives are constantly comparing ourselves to our peers.  So-and-so is moving up faster than me at work.  So-and-so’s house is always immaculate and mine is always a wreck.  So-and-so’s is going on this fancy shmancy vacation, why aren’t we?  So-and-so thinks this about raising kids and that means I should think that too. So-and-so is blah blah blah and I’m not!  Well, I just don’t measure up, do I???

Well Whatev!  If we are just trying to copy the gal down the street or person in the office next door or the perfect kid in class’s mom then we are all going to feel like failures and defeated.  How about we focus on our own personal strengths and appreciate what those do for our priorities?  I really like this idea and I’m finding myself starting to de-stress already.  And being real is a big part of my Beachbody business.  Who is going to trust me with their fitness journey if I’m not being true to myself or I’m so busy it takes me 5 days to get back to them?  Not going to work!  I think if I really work on this focus, I’ll stop spinning my wheels so much and use “my time more efficiently, with purpose, and in areas that best benefit my family and me.”  You are absolutely right Crystal!  Want to be my friend?

Another fun exercise from the book was to ask a close friend or relative what your strengths are.  As a woman, and like a lot of women, I sometimes have a distorted sense of self.  (REALLY?  DUH!!) I asked my sister and my longtime friend (we’ve been friends WAY longer than most marriages) what they thought my top 3 qualities were.  I had an idea in my mind what I would’ve said.  Then, I was surprised to see what they picked.  Most of their choices were different from mine, and actually made me feel really good.  Their responses were like compliments to me.  They made me feel like the changes I’ve been making in my life the last few months were the right ones:  That I can start a new business and that I can help people.

I’ll keep widdling down my daily plan and my AM/PM routines.  Let me know how yours are going!!


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