Saying Goodbye…to Survival Mode!


TGIF!  I love Friday’s.  1. Because I work the hardest on Fridays than any other day.  2.  Because it’s the work that I like:  my Beachbody job, blogging, and homemaking.  And hopefully soon you wont see me hunched over the kitchen counters too much longer.  Because we have our April challenge coming up!  Remember?!  It’s our Round Tuit Challenge!

Now, it’s time to wrap up our discussion on Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.

Well, Just to make sure you saw my follow up from my post on Chapter 8, Ben and I chose a charity for our April donations, Books for Bay.  They are doing awesome things for Bay County kiddos, so check them out!  And if you’ve thinking about trying a fitness program, NOW IS THE TIME! You’ll not only be making a positive change for yourself, But you’ll be making a positive change in the life of a less fortunate Child in Bay County.


Now, About Chapter 9.  This is the chapter where all of us say, “Yeah, I did that.”  I had the meltdown over something that was out of my control.  I lit the candle at both ends and burned myself out, then had another meltdown, followed by a pity party, and then bit my husband’s head off.  So how do we fix this?  We do the dreaded, never allowed thing:  we take a time out for OURSELVES.  WHAT?!?!?!?!?  I know.  Who has time for that right?!  Well, I can attest that it really does help re-charge.

One thing I do EVERY Friday, is do 1 thing just for me.  I go for a run or a lunch with a girlfriend.  I get a haircut.  I go to the new shop I’ve been wanting to check out.  Not all of the above.  But I do 1 thing every Friday that is EXACTLY what I want to do.  And it feels like I hit a re-set button in my brain.  It totally relaxes me.

If you think about it, to be a good parent, spouse, employee, friend, etc, we HAVE to take care of ourselves.  And I mean fully!  That’s what FunctionalFitMom is all about.  Take care of your health – fitness and nutrition.  You can’t be there for your family and friends is you are run down all the time.  And everyone loves the smell of a home cooked meal!  Take care of your relationships.  By investing in your marriage, children, friendships you are showing them that your love them instead of just telling them.  Take care of your spiritual needs.  I find more peace and can weather the storms better when I have a strong faith.  And I develop a more thankful heart and more positive outlook.

One thing I think I’m going to do now that I have finished Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, is give it a whirl for a couple months.  Then I think I’ll go back to the book and review some things.  I have bookmarked several pages that are going to be tough for me to implement.  I think this book is one to revisit over and over to remind myself to stay focused on my Best Stuff list.  And to not let myself get overwhelmed.

I hope y’all enjoyed Say Goodbye to Survival Mode as much as I did!  What should we read next!?


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  1. Trisha says:

    I agree and I must find some time for myself to do something I want to do (without a kid or two in tow!) Great book review!

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