Shakeology Cheat: Eat The Bear, My Honest Review

Whey Pure Isolate Single Serving Pack

OK, Yes.  I cheated on Shakeology today.  I know, throw rocks at me.  It’s blasphemy.  But, If you know me well, you know that 1. I like to try new things, especially health and fitness things and 2. that I am always looking for the best:  the best product, the best deal, the best value.

So a company that makes a protein drink called Eat the Bear sent me a packet of protein to try.  And it’s like they had a window into my soul.  It’s got clean ingredients.  And this thing is supposed to taste like a Reese’s peanut butter cup.


So, I tried it.  I mixed it with Almond Milk, Just like I do my Shakeology.  At first taste I really liked it.  It did have that chocolate peanut buttery goodness I was hoping for.  BUT…then it was suddenly gone.  I couldn’t even get down the last few sips.  It just was leaving a yucky after taste.  The aftertaste resembled the taste of artificial sweetener.

Now, let’s look at the nutrition you get:


This is probably too hard to read on a photo that I snapped with my phone, but you can see that Shakeology packs in more nutrition just by looking a the size of the labels.

So, that being said.  I would try ETB again and maybe mix it with water and see how that impacts the overall taste.  And if all you are looking for is protein, this is a clean option and is an average whey protein powder price.  Since it is CLEAN I would bump that to a slightly above average VALUE for what you get.

But, Sorry ETB, I still like the flavor and nutritional value of Shakeology over the ETB product.  You get way more nutrition per calorie in your Shakeology.  But thanks for letting me try it!

Have you tried other products?  What do you think?


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