Sorry…now we’re back…to Chapter 3, Part 1

OK y’all.  I’m sorry I took a few days off.  I was reading Chapter 3 of “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.” I actually read it twice.  I read at bedtime and I’ve been super sleepy.  So I wanted to make sure I got all the good stuff!

AND I needed to slow down.  My lil buddy is teething and cranky so he needs some extra attention.  With my regular job, 1 Clean eating challenge group, 1 Beachbody Challenge group ramping up, and the blog, something needed to fall off.  I figured you guys wouldn’t mind if I got some things squared away.  Hey, the boys need to come first.  They’re pretty cute! See!


Ok, Chapter 3 is about goal setting.  I STRUGGLE with this!  But I can tell that I need it.  Ben and I have been short with each other.  I know the boys are tired of seeing me on the computer all the time.  I need to go to my priorities list, best stuff list and make some time to do these goals based on those lists.  There will be a follow-up post to this one, as you may have guessed it, titled “Part 2.”  I know, I’m so creative.  I’ll share how my goal setting is going and what I’ve come up with so far and my strategy for not falling off the bandwagon.

My favorite part about Chapter 3, though, is the section on accountability.  In my own fitness journey accountability is key.  I swear by it.  And it is what lead me Beachbody.  I never really thought about needing accountability for my other life goals.  But heck, a goal is a goal, right?!?!  It shouldn’t matter if the goal is to eat better, do a workout, or save for an upcoming expense, or meet a business goal.  Crystal is so smart.

So here’s my plan over the next few days:  I’m going to finish up my goals based on my best stuff list from chapter 2.  Iron out my morning and afternoon routines.  Next, sit down with Ben after bedtime and go over these together and ask him to hold me accountable.  I think having him as my accountability partner will be good not only because we love each other/we’re married/co-habitate, but because I am NOT a good communicator.  I have a bazillion things going on in my head all the time.  And I probably only share 1 bazillionth of them with Ben.  This way, I’ll have a plan.  I will ACTUALLY talk to him about my plan (whoa communication).  And he may have insight as to if my thoughts will have a positive/negative impact on our family that I haven’t thought of.  Moreover I won’t be expecting him to read my mind.  He is getting better at it, but his ESP is still a little off.  Go figure.  🙂

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