Spaghetti Night

It was a spaghetti night!

Do you ever feel like you’re just trying to survive every day? I got so frustrated.  Ben was running late home.  Joe was super whinny.  I just wanted to go to a fast food place.  But I had planned to make a clean spaghetti sauce. So off I go!


These are the ingredients I started with.  The Pomi tomatoes are great.  The only ingredient is, you guessed it, tomatoes.  No added sugar, salt, preservatives.  Just tomatoes.  Right after I started the sauce, Joe got super fussy, so I was making this 1-handed.  Moms – you’ve been there, I know!

Luckily, I cut the zoodles in the morning.


Which, If you’re into zoodles, or making “pasta” out of other veggies.  You NEED one of these Spiralizers!  I had a handheld one that wasn’t very easy to use.  You have to have a place to store this, but it works great! It comes with several sizes that you can make.  I really like the small.

I realized about half way into the sauce that I forgot to put an onion in, so I added a couple teaspoons of onion powder. But it turned out pretty nice!


I need to work on my food photography skills…


I had some meatballs in the freezer.  So this dinner turned out pretty nice after all!  It was hard, the kitchen was a disaster.  But then once we start finally eating, this was my reward:
And every time this is my reward and I forget what I got so upset about.  Joe loved his healthy spaghetti and had a big time playing with it.  What was I uptight about again?  I don’t know…

And I get frustrated with myself that I get so uptight sometimes.  I don’t want this behavior to rub off on Joe.  But as a mom or just a super busy person it is easy to let little things get to us.  We feel like we have to do it all, when that is just not realistic.  So when you’re trying to cook, have a fussy kiddo, and feeling overwhelmed, how do we take a step back, chill out, and just get ‘er done and move on.

Step 1: lets read together Say Goodbye to Survival mode.  We’ll read …  And I’ll blog about it here.  We can use this as the next step to finding balance.  I’ve been following Money Saving Mom for about a year now.  Crystal seems to often have good advice on how to choose what is important, establishing priorities and goals for what really matters.  Let’s start this book this weekend.  It is available on kindle or hardcover.

Have a great day!  I’m going to choose grace and patience today!  What about you?

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