Spring Decor on a Fit Budget and Why I Love the Pipe-Cleaner Garland

Well, I’m determined to keep our budget tight, but I still wanted to get some cute decor up for spring.

I have a few flowers and other craft items I’ve picked up on clearance here and there. I was determined to use up what I have and not spend much money. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far!

I did pick up a few things at the Dollar Tree:


I bought this garland at Tuesday Morning after Christmas with the intent of making a wreath out of it. So I finally did! I had the blue flowers already from another project and used a couple of the Dollar Tree stems, (BTW, I think a similar stem was $4.99 at Michael’s).

IMG_0046 IMG_0047

I just fastened the garland to the wire wreath with twisty ties and safety pins


Ta da! I’ve never made one of those loopy wreaths out of the tulle stuff, I think this looks just as good. And my garland was only $5 after Christmas. I did have to run up to Michael’s for the ribbon. I didn’t have any that looked nice in this. And these colors are perfect for my kitchen. For $10 – can’t make a loopy wreath for that (I don’t think). And the moral of this story is that some seasonal decor can be used for other seasons.  Boom!


I also made a cute door hanger out of the place-mat and a scrap piece of ribbon. But, this one wouldn’t lay flat, so I used a piece of painter’s tape and stuck it to the door.


Last, I used up some fake flowers I had bought on mega-clearance last year. I did have to get a little bit of filler (white flowers and greenery) in the Michael’s run. But it only took 1 of each! So the basket, floral foam and moss, all Dollar Tree! and I have a cute $8 centerpiece for the table. And am (hopefully) cutting back the clutter a little bit.


And finally, my favorite thing: my pipe cleaner garland.  Again this is a Dollar Tree staple in my decor.  Why?  Kristen, those are not fancy, not snazzy, not exciting, what is the big deal.  Well, I’ll show you:



That’s why I like to make these right now.  Because it is something I can make “with” Joe.  We can play on the floor with the pipe cleaners.  Joe can throw them around, pull on the garland, drag it around the house.  He’s not going to get hurt, break something, or get glue everywhere.  He has fun discovering something new.  And It’s something we can do together.  Which is something I want to continue to figure out:  things that we can do/make together at his age.  I don’t want our lives to be separate.  That’s why we are a family.  We’re in this life together!

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