Stop Buying into You Own BS

My friend and I had lunch a few weeks ago and we were discussing issues we were having with stress and negativity.  She’s one of those people that I measure myself by.  You know, she inspires me to be more, how to manage tough times, or tough people, or just be oneself.  And she was describing how she handles negativity and someone in her life that was being Debbie-downer all the time.  Well, she said, “Quit buying into your own bullshit!”

I cannot stop thinking about that phrase.  I’ll be having a conversation with someone or just thinking to myself and it pops back in my head.  Everyone should use it, it every part of your life.

I get down about my regular job because I have a task right now that I’m not very good at.  And I find myself procrastinating and kinda whining to myself.  “Quit buying into your own bullshit, Kristen!” Just hunker down and do it and then it’ll be done.

I’ve been struggling with some aspects of Beachbody because I feel like I’m not smart enough or outgoing enough.  “Quit buying into your own bullshit, Kristen!”  You’ve already helped 10 PEOPLE!  10!

Gosh, you start to realize how easy it is to get down about something and just throw a pity party or stress out about it or beat yourself up.  Why do that?!  “Quit buying into your own bullshit!”  You have the time.  You have the means.  You just need to quit buying into your own bullshit and do it.  So, my friends,


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