Surviving Chapter 1

Have you ever started reading a book and thought, “Geez, did you write this just for me?”  That’s exactly how I felt about reading Chapter 1 of “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.

I really struggled (and still do) with my transition to life as mom.  I thought at first that I could do everything I used to do before baby, plus be mommy, plus, plus, plus…  And really all I was doing was ruining my relationship with my husband and my friendships, and lying my way thru postpartum depression.  “Oh yeah, I’m great! [insert big fake smile]”

Luckily I’ve made some baby steps already through reading Crystal Paine’s blog,, and reading some ebooks (I can’t remember what they are called) on being a new mom and deciding if staying home is right for you, etc.  The big thing I have been driving myself crazy with (and Ben, and probably other people) is the to-do lists.  I’ve been managing my time, some days, down to the minute.  Seriously.  I made lists, set timers, so that I wouldn’t wander to far down the internet …or Facebook …or Pinterest …or who knows what.

This biggest takeaway for me from this is that I need to establish priorities, the ones that REALLY matter most.  I need to re-think WHAT is on my to-do list, not figure out how to cram more into 1 day.

Another thing I need to do is really study the time suckers in my life.  Like my minion game.  Yes, I love minions.  I love the Despicable Me movies.  Minions are so cute and funny.  And I have this game for my iPad that I could sit around and play all day.  I’m going to delete it.  Tonight.  I promise.  And you can ask me about it tomorrow and hold me accountable if you want to.

So what else is making my time disappear?  I really need to look at that.

I’ve made my priorities list.  There is one thing here I need some advice on, and maybe this isn’t the right place.  I’ll ask anyway.  So, I have a part-time job that didn’t make the list.  I try to do a good job when I’m there.  Honestly, I would rather be doing something else, but I try not to let that diminish the quality of my performance.  But given Ben’s job’s requirements, I’m not going to really be able to pursue advancement (which he and I have discussed this and it is OK with me).  So, Crystal says in her book that you put anything on your list that you just feel like are “shoulds.”  So I didn’t put it on the list.  Is that bad?  My Beachbody business made the list, but my regular job didn’t.  I think it says something about my passions in life and my life’s work – that I want to help people.

The bottom line, when you think about it.  Who always suffers when you don’t have your priorities in order?  These guys:


the people closest to you.  And they need to be at the top of my list.  And they are so handsome!

How did you like Chapter 1?  Did it speak to you?  Did you write your priorities list?  What do you waste time on?


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  1. Rebecca says:

    I don’t think it’s bad that one job didn’t make the list! Don’t make it one more thing to judge yourself. Acknowledge, “Hey, this doesn’t really make me happy anymore.” and plan from there. There is no Cosmic To-Do List that says you have to have that job forever. Think of all of the incredible things you have done – Completed Ironman, grew a human, got smarty-pants degrees, etc. . You are amazing and strong.

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