The best worst times

I sat down to do my morning Facebook posts and this article came across my news feed.  I stopped to read it.  And started crying.  This gal lost her brother 15 years ago at a time in her life when she thought she’d be the happiest.  And the loss of her brother made it so much harder.  Why does it seem that when these tragic things happen, it’s always around some very special holiday or memorable time?  I lost my dad 2 months after Joe was born and it was Christmas time.

If I am going to tell the truth, I found comfort in the fact that it’s 15 years later and the author of the article still cries for her brother.  I don’t mean that mean or that I want her to feel sad.  I just mean that it makes me feel like I’m not a complete nut-job because I still cry for my dad – Just like I did when I read this article.  It makes me feel like it is still OK to mourn him.  I tend to try to get upset about daddy when I’m by myself, that people expect me to be over it already because it’s been a year.  And some people in my life really do expect me to just get over it.  I’m not over it.  And I’m still really angry.  He was so excited to be Granddad.  And he really only got to enjoy Joe for 3 weeks.  It’s not fair.



I’m very thankful that Joe has 3 grandparents that are alive and adore him.  He’s also got a couple extra grandparents that adore him too!  My godparents love him like he’s their own grandson.  So that’s really extra special to have grandparents.  And I try to just think about that.

Also, I found that I have come to the same/similar lessons learned as the gal who wrote “My Wedding Was Both the Best and Worst Day of My Life.”  I won’t re-hash them here.  I don’t want to take away form her story.  But if you’ve lost someone you love, it is a good read.

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