Tough Day

I told myself that I would choose grace and choose patience today.  I did an OK job.  I was not in a good mindset about work this morning and it was getting to me.  And that negativity infected my attitude and I just wanted to confess that I DID NOT WANT TO DO MY WORKOUT!  Nope.  I flaked out at my regular 4:45 time.  I tried flaking out in the afternoon.  But I knew I was accountable to my challengers.  I laid down the hammer.  I did my Max Hammer Strength and 10 Min Ab Hammer.  I’m so glad I did.  I feel so much better and now I’m not beating myself up.


Get your workout in! Eat healthy!  We’re in this together and we all have bad days.  What do you do or say to yourself to get motivated when you’re having an off day?



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