Well Done God, John 8:7

“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”  John 8:7

Someone told me today that people have been making snide comments about me at work.  (I don’t know who made the snide comments, probably for the better) And that the perception of me at work is turning negative.  At first it really didn’t both me.  I work with a lot of women (which is surprising because I’m in a technical field).  So I understand there’s always a lot of gossip and so on that happens.  (You know its true ladies).  I thought, “You know, I don’t really care what ‘whoever it was’ thinks, as long as it’s not my supervisor or my project manager.”  Those are the 2 people I work for, and if they are happy with what I’m doing then I’m OK.  I thought, “I don’t really care what these gossipy ladies think about me.”  This is what is important to me and all I want to focus on right now:

12803213_10207782418671561_293998904931125397_nAnd then it happened.  I started thinking about the remarks more and more.  It started to bother me.  I was getting mad.  I wanted to send a snarky email to the whole group at work about how they should mind their own business.  “I have an approved telework agreement.  I had a miscarriage in July.  I’ve been dealing with the stress of some family issues.  So you know what, because of all these things I’m going through, I felt like using that telework agreement the last couple months.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  And I don’t feel like parading around work smiling and pretending everything is OK.  Because It’s not.  And for me it’s not OK for me to be fake.”  And as I was daydreaming about my email or what I could post on Facebook, I suddenly remembered John 8:7. “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

Yeah.  I’m going to post John 8:7 with something like “You know who you are.”

Then I really thought about John 8:7.  And realized, “You know what.  I’ve made those same snide remarks about other people at work.”  Or at the gym.  Or I’m sure other places too.  They may have been in another context or about something else.  But I’ve been one of those gossipy snide ladies casting judgment on someone not REALLY knowing his/her situation.  So I closed Facebook.  And decided not to be mad at whoever it is that is passing judgement on me.  They don’t know about the family stuff that has me upset.  They don’t know I had a miscarriage a month ago.  They may not know I have a telework agreement.  Should they be snide and snarky?  No.  But, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”  I can’t throw the first stone either.  Well done God.


  1. Kathy says:

    You are so right! We are all so quick to pass judgement on someone else’s book from what we see on the cover. But how many times have we reitterated our belief that it is what is on the inside that truly matters? Amen!

  2. Alessandra Pepmiller says:

    Wow Kristen! I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were going through a lot. A miscarriage alone is pretty frightening. I totally agree with you. We all have judged and we have been judged. Truth of matter is that none of this matters as long as the most important people in your life stay clear of judgement. We all go through horrible things in life, but then again, we fall so we can learn how to pick ourselves up. Look forward and don’t pay too much attention to what people say about you. You are beautiful and you have a beautiful family. That’s all that matters. My point of view? If someone makes snidy comments about you is either because they are jealous of who you are or have, or they literally want to be you.

    • kristen@functionalfitmom.com says:

      Thank you Allie! and Kathy!

      It was a little hard to write all that down, but we’ve all been there, I think – being judged or even passing judgment when we didn’t understand the situation. But I really try to catch myself before I pass any judgement on someone.

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